ACTIVITIES in nature

It’s easy to combine nature activities to your meeting day at Haltia since the nature is literally on your doorstep. Activities are produced by our partner companies in Nuuksio and can be booked directly through our sales service.

Would you also like to enjoy coffee or wild food by the campfire and hike or bike through the forest to experience traditional Finnish sauna by the lake?

Climbing and rowing or book binding and forest yoga? Customize your own adventure with our help.

We also host parties and events for children. Contact us to hear more!

Meeting rooms

Restaurant and terrace

Restaurant Haltia is perfectly suited for both intimate dinners as well as cocktail parties for hundreds of people. Particular attention has been paid to functional solutions and aesthetics in the restaurant design. Depending on the nature of the event, the area can be divided into separate smaller spaces with movable partitions. The presence of nature is visible in the all-wood interiors and the scenery that changes with the seasons.

The restaurant aims to offer everything that the Finnish Nature Centre represents for its visitors – food cooked with pure Finnish ingredients, delicacies of the season, fresh pastries and a relaxing atmosphere.

The covered terrace of 230 m² + 150 m² offers a stunning view over the lake.

Päivölä cabinet

The restaurant’s private cabinet, Päivölä, can be reserved for your events. The large windows offer a view over Lake Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio, and a private area on the terrace can be combined with the space.

Size: 42 m²

Table setups:
U-shape: 22 persons
Conference: 18 persons
Classroom: 24 persons
Theatre: 25 persons
Dinner: 25 persons

Haltia auditorium

Haltia’s 200-seat auditorium offers an excellent venue for holding a great variety of training events and lectures. The high-quality sound system in the auditorium also makes it possible to hold concerts and film screenings of different kinds. The auditorium has a level floor option, meaning that it can be transformed into a dining area or exhibition hall, if needed. The fixed balcony can be separated from the rest of the auditorium with curtains.

Size: 225 m²

Table setups
Theatre: 200 persons, folding desks in front of the seats
Conference: 14/24 persons (depending on the direction of the table in relation to the screen)
U-shape: 32 persons
Group tables: Options: 3 x 14 persons / 4 x 8 persons / 5 x 6 persons / 6 x 4 persons
Dinner: 70 persons
10 standing tables without chairs (e.g. for cocktail parties), max. 60 persons

Meeting room Saivo and sauna

The meeting room Saivo, which includes a sauna, is found on the ground floor of Haltia. The space is perfect for small meetings or dinners. The meeting room includes a terrace with a lovely view over Lake Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio.

The sauna seats max. 10 persons, towel rental €6/pcs

Size: 38 m² (meeting room)

Table setups
Negotiation: 10 persons.

Meeting rooms Otso and Tarvas

The rooms Otso and Tarvas, which can be combined into a single room of 85 m², are located on the ground floor of Haltia. The facilities are also suitable for group work during meetings, for example, and they include a terrace. On weekdays, Tarvas is reserved for the Haltia Nature School until 2 pm.

Size: 42,5 m²

Table setups
U-shape: 20
Classroom: 20 persons
Theatre: 25 persons

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